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Yoga In Schools

Partaking in yoga from a young age dramatically improves the quality of children’s lives.

Yoga develops an incredible sense of calm and enduring stamina: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It insists upon self-inquiry and rewards the student with both confidence and humility. Yoga helps children develop their playground grit and become ambassadors to peace and creative enterprise. This practice embraces universal virtues of goodness and grace and teaches students to view adversity as stepping-stones instead of stumbling blocks.

Studies reflect some startling statistics; 30% of young people engage in risky behaviors that compromise their lives and their future. Four years ago researchers from Harvard University and Kripalu Institute teamed up to study students who took yoga two to three times per week. The findings published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics revealed that students who took yoga had fewer negative moods, less anxiety and performed significantly better in academics and athletic performance.

Yoga is truly a life long gift for a child. They become aware of and in tuned to the relationship of their body and of their emotions. By shifting the focus of negative societal trends, children of all ages are empowered and inspired to be healthy, happy and inquisitive individuals. The calming effect of yoga on the nervous system raises the level of energy, compassion and awareness. Yoga empowers young people to reach their creative potential and become responsible and attentive adults.

What goes on in yoga class? Stretching, lengthening, twisting, engaging, breathing, anatomy lessons, laughing, encouraging, holding poses, inquiring and silence.

In all of this collaborative effort we stretch our minds, endure with courage, lengthen our lives, engage our hearts, ask big questions and sit in the stillness of the answers.

Fees for Yoga in Schools

$125.00 per hour

Yoga for Teachers

It is a great responsibility to help shape a child’s destiny and their view of the world. A teacher’s energy and spirit are paramount to a child’s learning experience. Yoga pedagogy involves the science of teaching teachers the beauty and the inherent gifts of yoga.  While most passionate teachers are inspired by their students, we recognize that children require a tremendous amount of energy. By creating a reservoir of calmness and an ample supply of vitality, these seminars provide invaluable tools that assist teachers with their sacred charges. By building allegiance between health and education, we create the optimal opportunity and foundation for academic achievement.

Please read “Yoga Professional Development” for more seminar information.

 Yoga for Teachers: Professional Development

$200.00 per session

Grace and Courtesy Code: All of our classes and programs are taught in the spirit of compassion, grace and courtesy. We require those virtues to be joyfully embraced at all times.

Permission to photograph: Abeille Consultant’s Inc. reserves the right to photograph any class, work or student at our discretion without incurring obligations.