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Summer Programs


Abeille’s summer day camp provides students ages 10-17 with a healthy and productive environment. The Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts is the perfect location for young teens to be inspired. Set in the high peaks of the Catskill Mountain’s on 130 acres, the area’s natural beauty offers a beautiful backdrop for creative and athletic endeavors. Hiking trails, rambling streams and a plethora of wildlife are abundant in these verdant mountains.

Our mornings begin with a poetry centering and one hour of yoga that teaches students all of the fundamentals of a unique yoga practice. After we work up a healthy appetite students are given innovative an nutrition lesson and cooking class that provides culinary confidence in the fine art of healthy foods. We use mostly organic and indigenous ingredients as we prepare simple yet sophisticated menus. Students are taught how to balance daily dietary requirements including the particular energy that certain foods impart. Optimal nutrition is emphasized and fun is main ingredient!

Afternoon lessons alternate between hiking/nature studies, journal writing and botanical watercolor painting. We believe children who are knowledgeable about the natural world will develop a deeper appreciation and fellowship to it. These studies include: wild plant identification, designing and cultivating a garden, harvesting plants with healing properties and culinary herbs. Our partnership with Greene County Soil and Water teaches children how powerful and productive collaboration can be. Although it’s only been 2 years, we have planted forty trees and countless sedges in our stream beautification initiative.

Summer Society Day Camp


Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts
34 Big Hollow Road, Maplecrest, N.Y. 12454


July into August: Tuesday – Friday: 10am-4pm
$250.00 per child per week.

To register, please call Jeanne Licurse

Contemporary Etiquette: Green Behaviors

The game has changed but the rules remain the same! Good manners count and we hold our students accountable for their behavior on and off the mat. Contemporary Etiquette is woven through all of our programs and establish a unique standard for students to be ambassadors to humanity by their speech, mannerisms, dress code and moral integrity. We call this curriculum “Green Behaviors” because it addresses the student’s emotional landscape. Contemporary etiquette includes the fundamental forms of grace and courtesy, all forms of communication, leadership skills and international protocol. Round table discussions promote community service, lively debates, and creative problem solving.

All of our programs create an excellent mentoring experience while building the virtues of the child’s inherent industrious nature.

Grace and Courtesy Code: All of our classes and programs are taught in the spirit of compassion, grace and courtesy. We require those virtues to be joyfully embraced to at all times.

Permission to photograph: Abeille Consultant’s Inc. reserves the right to photograph any class, work or student at our discretion without incurring obligations.