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Yoga and Culinary Master Class

Abeille offers special workshops devoted to yoga and the culinary arts. Please check this page for scheduled special events.

Yoga on Horseback and Culinary Workshop

Horses embody and articulate majestic beauty. They bend devout ears to our voices while teaching us great lessons in love and life. What is it about the rigor and stamina that is required in barn life that we find so enduring? Working with horses establishes balance and a sense of being grounded and connected to the earth and to our souls. One must be fully present and aware around these magnificent creatures. These encounters impart maturity and grace, since nothing less is acceptable at the barn.

Yoga on horseback helps the rider bring even more awareness to their breath and movement by virtue of being acutely aware of the horse beneath them. There are no distractions or excuses: “Lift your heart, soften your breath, tilt your pelvis forward, rotate your thighs in, call the strike!” The rider will hear these instructions again and again until they align themselves with their horse and their seat sustains them in degrees of balance and beauty. This experience creates a unique sense of balance for yogi riders as they discover how their bodies translate movement and grace together with their mount. Yogi riders partake in barn chores, journal writing and equine literature and poetry.

Creating balance through a yoga practice also requires balance in our lives. When we make excellent food choices our bodies respond with calm energy that sustains us throughout the day. Whole grains and vegetables build balance by creating excellent blood cells and enduring energy. Our lunch break will include a whole foods demonstration by natural gourmet chef and yoga instructor Jeanne Licurse. You will learn the basic guidelines for total transformation through yoga and diet!

Yoga on Horseback

$175.00 per session