Abeille Flower

Holistic Professional Development

The latest research in brain chemistry reflects the abundance of positive outcomes that are uniquely associated with yoga practices. Studies from Harvard Medical School, Brown University, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital report decreases in anger, depression, and fatigue. High profile companies that provide gym and spa related benefits for their employees echo positive performance achievements, healthier levels of relationship both personally and professionally and improved attendance records. Our staff development yoga classes endow clients with a leadership compass that distinguishes individuals and organizing principles, maintains the value of tradition and inspires global minded visionaries. Seminars are part motivational lecture, part yoga, and all fun! Each session begins with a 15-minute lecture outlining the framework for setting personal and professional goals and the tools to realistically achieve them. Then the real work begins: we make even chair yoga a challenge! Focus on the use of breath and body mechanics are emphasized. The lecture can also include a natural gourmet culinary demonstration of a simple nutrition packed whole food dish. The 6 part series builds sequentially through mindfulness, breathing practices and yoga postures that reduce stress and develop mental and physical stamina. Optional on-going yoga classes are highly recommended. We offer several levels of yoga practice from fundamentals to a vigorous vinyasa. All classes include adjustments and modifications for the young and the young at heart! Participants leave our classes feeling inspired, revitalized and renewed. In time, a sense of calm and clear energy becomes part of ones soul and provides a constant source of compassion, patience and vitality. The valuable benefits impact the integrity of both personal and professional relationships in intelligent and innovative ways.